What is Emotional Freedom Techniques and Tapping (EFT)?

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a process of emotional realignment that helps you chase away monsters and introduces empowerment into all aspects of your life.

If you have ever been frustrated at how rational thinking just doesn’t help you deal with something, EFT will probably do the trick for you and here’s an example.

My Boss is a Monster

My boss is a monsterYour thoughts create your reality. If you think someone’s a monster based on the evidence you see, then in your reality that person is a monster. Even if he has a mother who loves him.

But say that person is your boss and burns you up with his ideas and policies.

Each day you are stressed, fighting dragons, banging into brick walls, hating your boss more and more. Your partner is sick hearing about it. Perhaps you keep it bottled up inside, all that pressure getting ready to explode.

EFT helps you to adjust your perspective. It doesn’t change who you are. It simply retunes your monster-meter and what might happen is that you become more accepting of his individuality. A monster becomes an individual. An individual is a person you can relate to and work with.

Automatically, your responses to him change. You do not compromise your values but somehow the bottleneck has dispersed. Communication improves, you see options where there were none before. The sun comes out.

Makes work a happier place knowing you’re going to work for a person rather than a monster. Right?

Chakra, Chi, Life Force… there are many names for the energy that runs through us. During a shock, upset or period of stress, the energies can become disrupted.

Monster bosses… depression… anxiety… panic attacks… lethargy… these are all examples of disrupted energy.

Mark Hyman Video EFT Tapping Summit 2013

Can Emotions Be Trapped in Your Cells? 

EFT taps into this disruption and helps with emotional realignment.

The beauty of EFT is that it’s a non-invasive process that works with whatever you are going through. It does not force you to be cheery or deny your negativity or pretend you are over something when you are not.

My personal approach draws heavily upon the core principles of EFT and combines these seamlessly with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy).

The core principles of EFT were developed by Gary Craig from Thought-Field Therapy (TFT). TFT in turn draws its principles from even earlier meridian techniques that can be traced back to early Chinese and Indian principles. EFT is also referred to as Meridian Tapping by some people.

Doing EFT (or Tapping)

EFT involves tapping on a series of meridian points on the face and upper body whilst in tune with the problem. Depending on the issue, relief can occur within the same session. Complex, intertwined issues need several sessions over a number of weeks.

Benefits of EFT Tapping

  • EFT is easy to learn & apply
  • EFT is completely natural and non-invasive
  • EFT is gentle yet powerful enough to handle major traumas
  • Professionally applied, EFT can bring relief to a range of complex issues. I find it an indispensible tool that allows phobias, weight issues, eating disorders, allergies, addictions, negativity and many other issues to be addressed in short periods of time. I have used it successfully with clients on issues including cluster headaches, recovery after major surgery and strokes, IBS and sexual abuse.

How EFT Helps During Psychotherapy & Coaching

  • EFT embraces your current state of mind
  • EFT allows you to follow chains of thoughts and linkages the way your mind produces them
  • The benefits of EFT are cumulative. You do not have to do EFT for every monster boss you have ever had in order for your emotional response to be transformed
  • You can do EFT on your own. I often set you EFT homework
  • EFT helps you to reach into your subconscious and understand what really bothers you.

If you have ever…
– Tapped your fingers on a desk in a moment of stress
– Tapped the side of your head with a pencil while you’re concentrating
– Noticed how automatic, almost mandatory, these actions are

Then, you have already experienced your body’s subtle prompting to realign energy.

This is part of a series of posts outlining the methods I use during coaching. The full series is:

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  1. Julie Rowlands says:

    hi Reeta, thanks for sharing such great info about Eft, I am really looking forward to the tapping summit. Do you use eft over the phone or Skype or more face to face?
    do the results vary with each modality, or are they the same?
    I love the picture in your post!
    Julie Rowlands recently posted..10 Dazzling tips for Divine Self CareMy Profile

  2. Hi Julie, I’m looking forward to the summit too – really interested in finding out the new ways people are using EFT.
    I’ve found EFT to be consistent both face-to-face and via tele-coaching. I think it depends more on the client and what they are comfortable with.
    Do you do much tele-coaching?
    Reeta Pindoria recently posted..Registration for the EFT Tapping World Summit 2013 is OpenMy Profile


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