Did You Know It Would Be The Last Time Doing That?

Think about all the things you've grown out of

Think for a moment about all the things you did that you’ve grown out of.

Now think about the last time you did them. Did you know that would be the last time?

I’m guessing these activities weren’t consciously replaced. They simply ceased to be because your life changed in some way.

Christine Livingston says “Once you’ve got yourself into a life groove, that’s where you’re likely to stay unless something major knocks you off-track.

Three years ago I moved to Dubai. Last month I started a recreational blog about Dubai. It’s Happywitchie.com.

I started it as a fun way to unwind and take stock of all the new experiences and characters in Dubai, the likes of which I never experienced in the UK. You must read about Sunil and about the Maintenance Man and tell me what you think!

As I wrote I noticed a Last Time has happened for me and as it often is with Last Times, I never noticed when it came.

Writing a personal blog has never been something I aspired to do; in fact it would have been unthinkable for me once. “Share my experiences with strangers? I don’t think so!”

The life I am living in Dubai knocked me off track and the old groove isn’t that appealing anymore.

I think sometimes it’s instinctual to resist the new groove – especially when you know you’ve got to step in one.

Forced, deliberate changes involve subconscious analysis of your motivations and values. You over-think and rather than enjoy where you are now in spite of the challenges that come with it, you hesitate and hold back. You tell yourself you’re not ready for the last cigarette, the last burger, the last day of living someone else’s vision.

Resistance and fear can indicate that a Last Time has already occurred. There’s no going back, you can try but it will never be as comfortable as it was before.

A Last Time is twins with A First Time and they go everywhere together. If you’re at the edge of a Last Time, you’re at the cusp of a First Time. Go with it.

If you’re not ready to jump into the new groove feet first, allow yourself to nudge forward a step at a time. It’s where you are meant to go.

Last times have connotations of sadness, yet many are liberating. Something steps aside gracefully so that you can unmask and explore another piece of yourself.

Are you the same person that you were two years ago? If yes, why yes?

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  1. Hi Reeta,
    I am definitely not the person I was 2 years ago. 2 years ago it was unthinkable for me to be living in Egypt +husband and daughter, and here we are.
    You are so right that sometimes we over-think things when faced with a new groove, Sometimes it is better to make the decision Just do it, and then work out the details!
    Great post. really spoke to me.
    Best regards
    Julie Rowlands recently posted..Ditch your Expectations to Improve your Aspie RelationshipMy Profile

  2. Hi Julie – isn’t expat life an unmissable experience!

    I really admire what you are doing. A friend’s son was recently diagnosed with Autism so I’m quite interested in understanding more about it.
    Reeta Pindoria recently posted..Registration for the EFT Tapping World Summit 2013 is OpenMy Profile